Top 10 Christmas Gifts Ideas For Toddlers

Christmas is the season of celebrations, a time for gratitude and family and the holiday season is even more exciting when you’ve welcomed a bundle of joy in the family.

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children but when the time comes to pick a Christmas gift we are often torn between the cute little ones and the meaningful ones. This Christmas make the right decision and introduce your toddlers to smarter toys that will stimulate their developing brain during this critical stage of their growth.

At Our Smarter Toddlers, our educational toddlers and babies’ toys are specifically designed and curated by child development experts to bring you the best play activity for every stage of your learning babies’ brain.

This Christmas 2018 we have listed our Top 10 Christmas Toys Ideas for your toddlers. Get those yourself or send the list over to grandparents, friends, extended families and this year see your toddlers engaged in creative play while learning.

Excited? We are….. Here we go!

1. Learn to Count Caterpillar

Math is essential in life no matter which profession your child decides to take on.

According to the AMS (American Mathematical Society), there are over 35,800 individual members of the four leading professional mathematical sciences societies out of 327.16 Million that resides in the US.

Did you know that math applies to a wide range of professional fields including:

1. Astronomy and space exploration
2. Climate study
3. Medicine
4. National security
5. Robotics
6. Animated films
7. Business Administration

Wooden Smart caterpillar


Initiate your toddler to Math and show them how fun it is by introducing our Learn to count caterpillar material to their playtime.

wooden number counting toys


This falls under our Montessori toys and is made of wood. Best for the toddler of age 3 and above.

2. Montessori Mathematics Counting Kit

Another one in our Math category is our Montessori Mathematics Counting Kit which consists of:

1. Wood Number Blocks

wooden numbers


2. Wooden Sticks of different colors making it fun to play & learn

wooden sticks for kids learning


3. Montessori Toy Blocks Smart House

As per the U.S Science & Engineering Workforce report in 2016, there were 6.9 million scientists and engineers employed in the United States, accounting for 4.9% of total U.S. employment.

As per the same report scientists and engineers are widely believed to be essential to U.S. technological leadership, innovation, manufacturing, and services, and thus vital to U.S. economic strength, national defence, and other societal needs. Congress has enacted many programs to support the education and development of scientists and engineers. Congress has also undertaken broad efforts to improve science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills to prepare a greater number of students to pursue science and engineering (S&E) degrees.

Montessori Toy Blocks Smart House


A great way to introduce your child to science is by buildings blocks. Our Montessori Toy Blocks Smart House is the perfect gift to provide countless hours of fun, engrossing entertainment while also providing opportunities to strengthen problem solving and fine motor skills

Montessori Toy Blocks


This falls under Our Montessori Toys. Made of wood with a smooth finish. Best for the toddler of age 2 & above.

4. It's Bath Time/Potty Time Cloth book

It’s never too early to start enjoying books with your little one. It’s a bonding time and it boosts brain power. Studies have shown that there’s a link between how many words a baby hears each day and her language skills amongst a ton of other benefits.

Cloth book for baby


Our soft books are not only a great way to introduce them to reading but it also builds connections between seeing and feeling. They’re also a great way for them to relate to their everyday routine.

Cloth book for toddlers


Cloth book for baby


This falls under Our Montessori toys. Contains a soft cotton toy. Best for age 1 & above.

5. Children kitchen Pretend Play

As per Early Resources UK play kitchens are a particularly popular resource for pretend play, as it gives children the opportunity to imitate situations that they are familiar with. Imaginary play with kitchen utensils can stimulate your little one in so many ways. It develops their cognitive and motor skills as they handle different items & learn to cut, stir & pour.

Children Kitchen Pretend Play


They’ll learn colors as well as the different types of food, therefore, enriching their vocabulary while having tons of fun.

Children Kitchen playing toys


Kitchen playing toys for girls


Made out of plastic with a smooth finish. Best for Toddler of age 2 & above.

6. DIY Colorful Building Block Castle

Blocks appeal to everyone - from newborns to preschoolers.

Babies love to hold blocks and bang them on the floor but this only means that they are trying to learn using their senses to assimilate the sound & texture of the block.

DIY Colorful Building Blocks


Building Blocks toys for kids


Toys blocks promote better spatial reasoning, motor skills and may enhance cognitive flexibility. They also stimulate problem-solving and critical thinking.

Diy Building Blocks


Made out of plastic with a smooth finish, these blocks are a great gift for age 3 and above.

7. Wooden Sound knock Beat Ball

Teach your toddlers colors, shapes, cause & effect with this wooden sound knocks beat the ball.

Pound the balls in each hole and see them fall and roll over.

Wooden Sound Beat Balls Toy


Wooden Beat Balls Toy


This video shows how to play with this toy

Made of wood with a smooth finish, this toy is a great gift for age 2 and above.

8. 3D Multilayer Jigsaw Puzzle

We don’t have to tell you how Puzzles help your Child’s brain development. The fact of the matter is even as adults we are super excited to get started with a puzzle.

Multilayer Jigsaw Puzzle


It’s interesting, full of excitement & it triggers an adrenaline rush which keeps our brain active.

Jigsaw Puzzle for kids


Problem-solving, critical thinking, this 3D Jigsaw Puzzle will stimulate and delight your little one. It comes in various shapes and colors.

3d Jigsaw Puzzle


Made out of wood with a smooth finish, it’s a great gift for ages 2 & above.

9. Baby Bath Crayons Washable

Is your child fussy when it comes to bath time? This baby crayons will help keep your child focus and entertained to make bath time a fun time again!

You don’t even have to worry about the stains because these are 100% Washable. Yayyyy!

Bath Crayons Washable


Did you know that drawing stimulates the right side of your baby’s developing brain which has to do with creativity and the arts?

baby bath crayons


So let their imagination run wild with these bath crayons.

Made out of Plastic, it’s a good gift for ages 3 & above.

10. Montessori Educational Wooden Animal Puzzle

Last but not least here is another Puzzle toys that will delight your little one.

This Montessori Puzzle is all about colors, animals and plants.

Montessori Educational toys


Teach them about flowers, animals and birds with these colourful puzzles while developing their motor and problem-solving skills.

Montessori Educational animal toys


This toy falls under Our Montessori toys category and is made of wood. Great gift for ages 2 & above.

This is our Top 10 Christmas gifts ideas for Toddlers.

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